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Integrated Reintegration in Iraq (Kurdistan Region)

The International Organization for Migration, with the support of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, is carrying out a project aimed at assisting the return and long-term reintegration of Iraqi nationals in the area of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

Iraqi nationals who originate from the KRG, with strong and intact family ties in the area and wishing to return voluntarily to the area of the KRG are welcome to apply. Special consideration will be given to vulnerable individuals, applicants with large families or dependents. Additionally, applicants need to qualify for the REAG/GARP program, which can provide financial and logistical return assistance to returnees and their families.

Applicants can receive reintegration assistance in form of counselling and in-kind support. An initial individual reintegration plan will be drafted with each supported returnee prior to their departure, taking into consideration the individual needs and vulnerabilities. Applicants with feasible, realistic and economic proposals will be supported in their reintegration after arrival in North Iraq. Please fill out the application form and send the signed original to us by post. Please feel free to send a copy by fax or by email in advance, to ensure a rapid processing of the application.

In the frame of the IOM project “Magnet” a brochure was developed showing various employment opportunities and possible trainings in the area of the Kurdish Regional Government. Returnees from Germany can use the brochure as a source of information.

The demand for reintegration assistance in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq exceeds the number of returnees that can be supported through the project. It is, therefore, unfortunately not possible that new applicants can receive reintegration assistance. Irrespective of the reintegration project, the REAG/GARP program continues to provide support for the voluntary return to North Iraq. We thank you for your attention and understanding.


Integrated Reintegration in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq (Eng. subtitles)

Be it the opening of a small film production company, a mini-market or an internet café – IOM assisted voluntary returnees in their long-term social and economic reintegration in the area of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

This movie portraits the project and tells individual reintegration stories of several beneficiaries.


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