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Information portal Returning from Germany

The digital information portal Returning from Germany ( is a joint project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and compiles all relevant information on voluntary return from Germany in a thorough and comprehensive manner. It is primarily aimed at persons interested in returning voluntarily as well as return counsellors who would like to find information on the various support programmes that exist in Germany as well as possible reintegration programmes in the countries of origin.

The website is structured in three main sections in which the respective relevant aspects regarding voluntary return are covered:

  • Search for return counselling centres: By entering a city or postal code, counselling centres located in the area can be found. The website distinguishes between governmental and independent return counselling centres.
  • Return and reintegration programmes: The various support possibilities are presented and described, including a specification of which types of assistance are available for which countries of origin as well as how to receive those.
  • Country information: In addition to relevant information for each country of origin, a so-called Country Fact Sheet is available for selected countries, providing information regarding various thematic areas relevant to returnees. Furthermore, answered and anonymised individual inquiries of the ZIRF-Counselling project can be viewed and downloaded. These country information aim to support persons interested in returning voluntarily with their decision making process as well as the preparation of a voluntary return.

The homepage of the information portal offers a search bar in which users can look for information through entering specific keywords.

Furthermore, a separate section is available which informs on the entire process of a voluntary return, starting from the initial open and unbiased return counselling session through the application and the return itself until the reintegration process in the country of origin. Here, the underlying principles of voluntary return are highlighted and presented in a comprehensive way.

Besides the already existing German and English version, the website will be made available in additional return relevant languages in the near future in order to guarantee the comprehensibility for all interested persons.



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