06 May 2020
By: IOM Germany

Mrs Ramic is Bosnian and Mr Ramic belongs to a Roma minority living in Bosnia. The marriage between the two was accompanied from the very beginning by great incomprehension and lack of acceptance by family members on both sides. The cultural differences between the Roma and Bosnian society were a major obstacle for the young family, which led to the couple's decision to flee to Germany. 

After the family had hoped in vain for a perspective in Germany for five years without a work permit, they decided to return home. Thanks to the birth of their daughter, the tensions between the two families were fortunately resolved. Currently the family lives with Mr. Ramic's parents-in-law. With their reintegration support from the StarthilfePlus programme they were able to renovate the upper floor they lived in and furnish their apartment. 

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities