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Starthilfe Plus

In addition to the REAG/GARP programme, returnees can receive additional financial assistance with StarthilfePlus. It depends on the nationality as well as the residence status, if someone can be supported with StarthilfePlus. The federal programme StarthilfePlus can be requested together with the REAG/GARP assistance and provides the following financial support:

Please note: Persons who move on to a receiving third country, cannot receive Stage D support

  • Stage 1: Returnees receive 1,200 EUR if they apply for a voluntary return before the asylum procedure is completed.
  • Stage 2: Returnees receive 800 EUR if their asylum application has been rejected and they decide for a voluntary return within the period set for their departure.
  • Stage S: Returnees receive 800 EUR if they have a legal protection status according to German law and if they return to their country of origin with StarthilfePlus. As opposed to the other stages, stage S applies to all nationalities within the framework of REAG.
  • Stage D - Only for people from Albania and Serbia (starting from 01.01.2018): If you have had temporary permission to stay in Germany ("Langzeitduldung") since two years or more and if you return to your country of origin with StarthilfePlus, you receive a one-time financial support of 500 EUR, as well as the following reintegration assistance in kind, based on your needs: 
    • Housing-related costs up to 2,000 EUR for families and up to 1,000 EUR for single persons
    • Medical costs up to 3,000 EUR for families and up to 1,500 EUR for single persons
    • Please note: Persons who move on to a receiving third country, cannot receive Stage D support.
  • Stage Ü​ (until 31.12.2017) has ended.
  • Family support: A family can receive an additional 500 EUR if more than four family members together receive StarthilfePlus.

StarthilfePlus is paid out in two stages. The first half will be paid out with the GARP payment at your departure at the airport and the second half within six to eight months after the arrival in the country of origin. Children below age 12 receive half of the amount.

Nationals of the following countries can apply for StarthilfePlus and the additional reintegration assistance (GARP list of countries):

Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Gambia, Georgia*, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, India, Iraq, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali , Morocco, Mongolia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian Autonomous Territories, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine*, and Vietnam.

*Please note: Georgian and Ukrainian nationals cannot receive StarthilfePlus, if they have entered Germany after the respective visa liberalisation (Georgia: 27.03.2017 / Ukraine: 10.06.2017).

Exception for stage S: If returnees are in need of protection according to German law, they can receive StarthilfePlus regardless of their nationality.

To be able to leave the country, returnees generally have to sign that they withdraw their asylum application and waive legal means. For StarthilfePlus, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) requires that they sign an additional declaration.


Please find the application forms and info sheets for StarthilfePlus as well as other project materials on the information portal ReturningfromGermany.